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0.8 cubic metre loose Kiln Dried - stacked included

0.8 cubic metre loose Kiln Dried - stacked included


We deliver our Kiln Dried logs in 8 extra large trugs, quantity is approximately is 0.8 cubic metre loose! We stack all our logs for free including free delivery. 


Our Kiln Dried logs have been dried for a substantial amount of time and are sourced locally. Our logs are well below 15% moisture and is the perfect product to compliment your wood burning stoves. We use mixed hardwood such as Beech, Oak and Ash to maximise performance and efficiency when  burning them in your stoves. 


The drying process is as eco friendly as possible using the excess heat off of bio-mas heating systems for drying the logs. 


As a business we are woodsure approved, the UK’s only woodfuel quality assurance scheme. Trust Woodsure certified suppliers for reliable, high-quality wood fuels.

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